How to clean diamond-cut wheels in 4 steps [Easy and Fast]

How to clean diamond-cut wheels is one of the questions we get from our readers. To help you answer this question and find the best way to clean them, this article below is hoped to bring some useful information for you about this topic.

How to cleand Diamond-cut wheels

1. Why do diamond-cut wheels get filthy?

Wheels are the parts that expose the land most of the time. The lands are the biggest resources of dust and dirt that make your car filthy all the time. Wheels can be considered the dirtiest parts of the car. How to clean diamond-cut wheels? 

To increase friction for wheels and ensure safety for drivers and passengers, the wheels are designed to have some different kinds of shapes such as diamond. The design makes it safer but dirtier when moving. A wheel is made up of two different materials: metal for a rim and rubber for a tire. While different kinds of cleaners are only suitable for each material below.

2. What many kinds of cleaners should I use to clean diamond-cut wheels?

There are some different types of cleaners on the market including acid, ph-balanced, and iron contaminant removers. Cleaners take an important role in how well you clean wheels. How to clean diamond-cut wheels? You should know each type to choose the right one for each section of cars and to clean them effectively.

Acid-based wheel cleaners

They have more acid in their formulation and a low level of Ph. These kinds of cleaners can remove heavy dust effectively but their level of pH shouldn’t be below 5,5 because it can damage the wheels.

Ph-balanced cleaners

Ph-balanced cleaners have a ph level of 7. This type is suitable for all materials from glass, plastic, and rubber. Therefore, it can be used for cleaning diamond-cut wheels. Ph-balanced liquids can’t remove some heavy dust, it’s more effective for light dust.

Cleaning Diamond Cut-wheels with an acid

Cleaning diamond-cut wheels with acid has a low level of Ph liquids

Iron contaminant removers 

Iron contaminant removers also have neutral Ph but it’s safer for cleaning iron but it can be dangerous for plastic, glass, and rubber. It combines 4 ingredients including Citric and thioglycolic, ammonia, iron. 

How to clean diamond-cut wheels? This chemical has a strong effect on rusting and oxidation and makes the surface of iron and metal shiny and clean. You had better not use it for diamond-cut wheels. You should use the two above cleaners for wheels, but you should use a ph-neutral one most of the time. 

3. How to clean diamond-cut wheels best?

Before washing wheels, you should prepare your supplies:

  • Buckets of water
  • Cleaner spray
  • Wheel brush
  • Microfiber mitt
  • Ph-neutral cleaner and max-free wax

Washing the diamond-cut wheels can be done by some methods including sprays, a hose, foam cannon. Instead of a cleaner spray, you can use a hose or a foam cannon to wash the wheels. Rubber is not like a rim, it prefers to be washed with a hose than a spray. You have to choose different kinds of cleaner because a wheel is made up of two different materials.

Here are some steps you should follow for the best cleaning process

Step 1: Pour diamond-cut wheels with water

To wash the wheels, you need to pour them some water first, you can use a hose, a spray, or a bucket of water to do it. How to clean diamond-cut wheels? High-pressure water is more suitable for the tire of the wheels, so you should try to use a hose. Rim is made of metal and has paint on it, so you will wash it with a bucket of water.

Step 2: Spray cleaners on each wheel

Next step, you will use some cleaners for each diamond-cut wheel. Remember to use an appropriate cleaner for each part of the wheels. You use an iron contaminant remover for rims and a ph-balanced cleaner for the tires. Because iron contaminant remover is not good for tires, so you should spray and then clean it with a dry and soft towel. Doing this can prevent iron remover from falling to tires. 

Step 3: Wash wheel with automotive shampoo

The automotive shampoo is also necessary to be used for washing wheels.  The automotive shampoo is not only a washing liquid but also wax for the rims of the wheels. You pour automotive shampoo into a bucket of water and then use a towel to rub the chemical on all the surfaces of the wheels. 

How to clean diamond-cut wheels? Automotive helps to clean the diamond-cut wheels once again while having a thin layer of wax to fill in to protect the paint or a ceramic coat of rims outside.

Step 4: Rinse and wash the wheels completely

The final one is to rinse and wash the diamond-cut wheels entirely. Wheels are important parts as well as having complex make-up, so you should choose some suitable cleaners and take care of some techniques of washing them. Even when you don’t have much time for washing cars or you want to wash cars for several days, washing wheels is necessary to protect the rim’s paint and keep them clean regularly.

Diamond Cut-wheels when cleaned

Diamond Cut-wheels when cleaned

4. What are the best cleaners for diamond-cut wheels?

Let’s list some kinds of the best cleaners to help you choose them more easily.

  • Bilt hammer auto-wheel
  • Simoniz ultra care alloy cleaner
  • Kenotek wheel cleaner ultra
  • Wynn’s wheel cleaner
  • The treatment wheel cure
  • Polished pigs
  • Alchemy Chemical X
  • McLaren Red wheel cleaner
  • Wonder wheels super wheel cleaner
  • Turtle wax redline wheel cleaner

Here are some tips and recommendations for how to clean diamond-cut wheels. If you like our information and want to read more, please follow us on Car Care Ware. We’re happy to help you with some useful tips and knowledge for taking care of cars.