Are touchless car washes bad for paint? – THE BEST ANSWER

Are touchless car washes bad for the paint? While washing cars by hand, most car owners prefer to use touchless car washes because they’re convenient and save a lot of time. Some people also believe that touchless car washes are better for the paint although they make you cost more money for the maintenance of a car.

Are touchless car washes bad for paint

What are touchless car washes?

Touchless car washes is an automatic system that uses robots, engines, and jets to clean cars. It works on some sensors, when you move your car into a touchless car wash, a sensor will direct you to stop in the right place and all washing processes happen automatically from rinsing off, applying cleaners, washing, and drying the car. Are touchless car washes bad for the paint?


The picture of touchless car washes

The picture of touchless car washes

However, their biggest disadvantage is that your car can’t be cleaned as well as washed by hand and it can cause some damage like scratches that you can’t control. You don’t know which cleaner a touchless car wash is using and that kind of cleaner can spoil some parts of your car that you never knew about.

Are touchless car washes bad for paint?

Touchless car washes are bad for the paint for some reason. High-pressure jets on the system are the factor that makes scratches on the paint while washing your car.  Because you can’t control how to remove heavy dust in this process, it needs strong chemicals to wash them off. As a result, it can take a toll on some parts of the car.

Touchless car washes are bad for the paint

Touchless car washes are bad for the paint

Is a touchless car wash effective for washing a car?

Although it’s risky to protect the paint for the car, it’s still not effective to wash a car. Some kinds of heavy dust can not be removed completely because it doesn’t have appropriate solutions for them. 

Is there something I can do to protect my car better if I wash it with a touchless car wash?

You should close all doors and windows tightly if you don’t want to get water inside the car. Going into the car wash with normal speed but too fast or too slowly to make sure everything goes on well with this system. 

Check it again after each time you wash it to ensure there is nothing bad happening to your car paint. Are touchless car washes bad for the paint? You should have a certain ceramic coating for the car to protect the car paint well.

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Some of the pros of touchless car washes

The touchless car wash offers some more outstanding advantages.

  • Saving car wash time, completed within 10 minutes. This helps labor-saving and higher income compared to the traditional washing method.
  • The perfect car wash choice: it’s easy to carry and very convenient.
  • Supports effective cleaning in special areas of the car such as effectively underneath the car
  • Capable of removing swirls and small scratches on the car’s coat.
  • Suitable for some types of cars such as cars, trucks,…


Pros of touchless car washes

The pros of touchless car washes

Some history of touchless car washes

The history of touchless car washes is still new because it started in 1914. The first automated laundry was established in Detroit, United States that had only automatic belts while a washing process was done manually. 

The first semi-automatic car wash appeared in 1946 and continues to develop and expand in all countries in the world nowadays. Are touchless car washes bad for paint? The technology is developing and we hope touchless car washes will be more perfect in the future.

What are some famous brands of touchless car washes?

  • Wash & Drive
  • College park car wash
  • Beacon Mobile
  • National Car Wash sales
  • Green stream
  • 24hr car wash

Hundreds of brands choose to invest in touchless car washes despite the disadvantage of being safe for car paint. The new brand is found and will try to improve the system better than their rivals. We can believe that this kind of machine will be more and more perfect shortly. And the question “Are touchless car washes bad for paint?” won’t be necessary anymore.

Washing cars takes a lot of time and people’s energy while they tend to save time for making money and caring for their family or even relaxing. Touchless car washes are still necessary for modern society because it helps people do what they need. 

Touchless car washes are now more popular in developed countries and it is still a potential business in the future. There are some things you should know about touchless car washes and explain why it’s not safe for car paint. If you like our article and would like to read more useful information about washing cars and how to protect your car paint effectively, please follow us on Car Care Ware. Moreover, you can get hundreds of reviews of products that you need washing cars and find the best one for yours.